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Arbit offers a complete range of certified Cross Domain Solutions using data diode technology. The Arbit Data Diode and the Arbit TRUST Gateway solve the challenges of running high-security segmented/air-gapped networks efficiently within your organisation. Our product portfolio includes a full ruggedized hardware solution, applications for Multi-engine Virus Scanning, and Content Disarm and Reconstruction technologies.


The Arbit Data Diode 10 GbE

Recomended when IMPORTING data from LOW til HIGH
The Arbit Data Diode moves data from an open network to a closed network, using a secure one-way communication channel that ensures no data can flow back. The channel prevents the threat of remote data hacking by establishing a one-way connection with a single fiber-optic cable. The transmission is handled by two dedicated servers: the ‘pitcher’ and the ‘catcher’. It is physically impossible for data to be sent from the receiving network (the catcher) to the transmitting network (the pitcher). The Arbit Data Diode offers the safeguarding of manual data transfer with the convenience of a network connection.

The Arbit Trust Gateway 10 GbE

Recommended when Exporting Data from HIGH to LOW
The Arbit Trust Gateway eliminates the need to rely on manual processes which may circumvent security procedures due to busy operating hours, crisis or even malicious intent. By authenticating the source of all incoming data, the gateway prevents the receipt of data from rogue systems or even ‘piggyback’ information on approved transactions. The gateway performs as a secure platform with COTS and custom-checks functionality. The two inbuilt Arbit Data Diodes are connected in serial to create an isolated VOID network, only accessible from the high side through a diode. The VOID network stores all configuration and program code handling as read-only. It is impossible to attack or to change the system. System reboot restores the approved configuration and the Arbit certified program code.

Ruggedized Cross Domain Solution

C4ISTAR Gateway

The Arbit C4ISTAR gateway supports and automates your data management as your trusted portal for import and export of data. Supporting automated and manual release and import of data, it’s built on hardware-based Data Diode technology which guarantees continued network separation with no possible backflow.

The gateway’s world-class software is available in two versions, adapting the hardware to meet the spectrum of environmental challenges: Server Room version and Ruggedized version. The Ruggedized version is built to operate in the battlefield under the most challenging conditions. All units are 1U 19”/2 and a full gateway is only 3U (UPS and power supply excluded) equipped with NATO standard connectors and designed for vehicle mount. The C4ISTAR Gateway is designed as a platform, enabling customisation of security profiles, filters and add-ons. The robust and open API of the Gateway allows you to program and build your own national security profile independent from any contractor support, offering paramount security.

Multiscanning & data sanitisation (CDR)

OPSWAT MetaDefender
Arbit leverages advances in technology to maximise your security with the optional advantages of audit log, content checkers, manual release and multi-scanning functionality. The addition of external systems come with the guarantee of absolute control by the Arbit TRUST Gateway. As files enter your network, they are evaluated and verified to ensure file type and consistency. 

Each file is analysed with more than 35+ anti-malware engines to identify known and unknown threats. Our solution supports sanitisation of more than 85 common file types, including PDF, Microsoft Office files, HTML as well as many image files. The files are dismantled and rebuilt in a rapid and secure process. File elements are separated into discrete components, malicious elements are removed, and metadata and all file characteristics are reconstructed. The new files are renamed and delivered, preserving file structure integrity to enable seamless usability.

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