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Visit from Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

In the early spring Kim Jesper Jørgensen, director of DALO (Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation), visited several different companies focusing on cyber security. One of these meetings was with the Danish company ARBIT.

The meeting with ARBIT had a special focus on collaboration and strategic discussions on #cyber security in digitization as well as opportunities in the new Defense Industrial Strategy. At the meeting, our CEO Rasmus Borch discussed, among other things. how the Armed Forces, the Armed Forces Industry Office Center for Cyber Security and the defense industry can together best support each other in international cooperation in NATO and the EU.

Danish Defence and ARBIT have been working together on digitalizing Danish Defence Cross Domain Communication in a C4I communication solution for the Danish Armed Forces – Known as the RUGGEDIZED GATEWAY. The Gateway establishes data communication between networks with different classifications – High to Low and Low to High. The solution protects operational networks against cyberattacks and ensures secure data flow between frontline units and HQ. The C4I Gateway continuously provides an updated Common Operating Picture as well as information superiority.”

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