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Arbit Data Diode is EAL7+ by TÜViT

The Arbit Data Diode 10GbE in Version 1.00 is now one of only two IT products in the world listed as officially certified under the highest Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL7+) of the Common Criteria.

After successful evaluation by TÜViT, and recognition by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Arbit now has it in black and white that their data diode has been inspected under the Common Criteria (CC) at the highest possible test depth. This is confirmed by the first EAL7+ certificate issued to date under the German certification scheme.

The Data Diode – Eliminates threats of data theft and abuse

The physical characteristics of the Arbit Data Diode allow it to separate networks from one another. It ensures that data from an open network can enter a closed network via a Common Criteria EAL7+ certified hardware module (the diode), but that no data can flow back. In this manner the data stored in the closed network are shielded from the outside and thus protected against data theft or abuse.

The Success of the Project

At the start of the project, it was first necessary to establish the specific test methodology for an evaluation under EAL7+. This related in particular to the formal specification of the product, but also to the functional tests to be performed by both the manufacturer and the test laboratory. Specific testing tasks for the additional requirements of an EAL7+ evaluation were therefore defined by TÜViT in close coordination with the BSI, relating to the special context of the Arbit Data Diode.

To meet this end, Arbit has benefited from the services of the Danish firm Confiware and Arne Stig Peters who advised on the complete certification effort and has been a key contributor to the development, required CC document package and formal models of the Arbit Data Diode.

“Alongside a technically adept team at TÜViT, the successful conclusion of the project also required a manufacturer capable of openly engaging with the specific requirements – which were only defined during the process itself – with confidence in their own expertise.

At this point, however, I would also like to mention the responsible certification engineers at the BSI, who supported us at all times with their competence and focus,” concludes Dr. Ing. Alex ander Schasse, project manager and IT security expert at TÜViT.

“As Arbit has gone to great lengths to achieve EAL7+, I would like to express my personal recognition for an exceptionally good and professional collaboration with Dr. Ing. Alex ander Schasse and Dr. Ing. Sebastian Becker”, states Rasmus Borch, founder of Arbit.

Successful proof of the Arbit Data Diode’s promise

The Arbit Data Diode works exactly as the manufacturer promises, a fact confirmed by the successful testing by TÜViT and is now awarded a CC certificate by the BSI.

The list of Common Criteria certified products https://commoncriteriaportal.org

The Press release

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