Arbit Data Diode receives the highest Cyber Security certification in the world

The Arbit Data Diode and Gateway receive the highest Cyber Security certification in the world, Common Criteria EAL7+. This means that our technology is proven

resistant to attackers with high attack potential”

After 15 years in business with Data Diodes and Cross Domain Solutions for High Security Networks, BSI (Federal Office for Information Security in Germany) labels the Arbit Data Diode with the highest Cyber Security certification possible under Common Criteria (CC).

Besides eliminating threats of data theft and abuse, our confidence is based on:

  1. Proven Cross Domain technology – with organizations across EMEA and Asia. ✔️
  2. Unidirectional Data Diode & Gateway ensures safe data transfer and possible content filtering ✔️
  3. Easy physical separation of device in two, HIGH and LOW side, for protection against electric radiation. ✔️
  4. Scalable product line – up to 10 Gb to accommodate customer’s capacity and desired protocols✔️
  5. Entrusted with the labels “Cyber Security Made in Europe” and “Made in Denmark” ✔️

The Arbit Data Diode hardware is Common Criteria certified to level EAL7+ which ensures one way data transfer (no covert channels) between networks of different classifications. As Certification is on hardware it cannot be manipulated, and the strict Common Criteria regulations even ensure full supply chain and production control.

The Arbit developed transaction software supports several protocols and has very tight transaction control ensuring no loss of data. This is the reason why the Arbit Data Diode is widely used in High Security networks like Intelligence, Police, Armed Forces and in a rapidly growing market for Critical Infrastructure.

Hardware is tested during production and assembled in Denmark, just like the software is developed in controlled areas in our HQ. This makes the complete Data Diode not only labelled as “Cyber Security Made in Europe” but even “Cyber Security Made in Denmark”.

The Data Diode is an obvious reinforcement and supplement to Firewalls in the networks segment.

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Rasmus Borch, Founder and CEO

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