What we do!

The short answer

When people meet our business the first time, the question we are asked most often is “What is it that you do, exactly?”.

In our line of business we speak of security, control and air-gapped networks, and make references to military, police, security and intelligence agencies. We borrow words like pitchers and catchers from the world of sports and use a seemingly endless list of tech-words like data diodes and unidirectional gateways. The terminology makes sense among specialists, but at a first glance or for people with a different focus, the dense language tends to have the psychological effect of making our work seem more incomprehensible than it is.

In essence, however, it is easily explained what we do: “We build data diodes which employ the laws of physics to ensure one-way data flows. And we are very good at it.”

Connection control is key

This obviously leads to asking “Why one-way data flows?”. Even in tech circles, the usefulness of strict unidirectional data flows may not always be immediately obvious. Consider, however, these basic facts:

  1. Everything digital is made of data
  2. Digital value creation requires the data to move
  3. Moving data requires data connections

When networks intersect, connections can be exploited by hackers or data thieves, or be the cause of unintentional data leaks. Preventing this requires effective control the flow of data across connections. This requires that the data only flows one way within a connection.

Unidirectional gateways enable security

Data diodes are deployed like one-way gates in the fence around secure data environments. They physically only allow data to flow in one direction, empowering network managers to maintain complete control over the data flow by way of separation: One diode regulates what can get in, and another what can get out.

Bottom line; “We protect sensitive data and the value it represents, by delivering data diodes which enable full data flow control”. What this means for your business or organization specifically depends on your situation, but we are ready to answer that.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
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