Cross Domain Print

Print via a data diode

Standard security regulations require printer pools for each separated network. Separated networks are normally implemented to ensure data Integrity or to ensure network separation between networks of different classifications like SECRET (HIGH) and UNCLASSIFIED (LOW). The Arbit Data Diode is accredited – and NATO listed – to connect networks from UNCLASSIFIED to SECRET and this is what we take advantage of in the print solution. Prints can be initiated from “LOW” using printers on “HIGH” and standard options like selection of different printers is offered. From a user perspective our solution is very similar to a standard print job and will require very little training – a short standard mail instruction will do.

Our print solution can be combined with a third party Follow The Print solution – but please consult us for further information.

Feedback from customers is that this is a perfect example for a “return on investment analysis” – but of course the size of organization and number of printer pools matters.

Please contact us for further information on Cross Domain Print.
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