Børsen Gazelle 2019

We at Arbit Cyber Defence Systems are delighted and proud to be able to call ourselves “Børsen Gazelle 2019”

“Hurray and big congratulations – your company is a Børsen Gazelle 2019”

“The requirements to become a Børsen Gazelle are tough. A gazelle business is continuously growing and, as a minimum, doubles its revenue or gross profit over a period of four fiscal years, while maintaining positive growth each year. It is impressive that you have been able to live up to this, so a big congratulations on your great growth and the title as a Børsens Gazelle 2019.” https://borsen.dk/gazelle

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Immerkaer 54, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

+45 51 55 86 45 | info@arbitcds.com